The stars have always been there; watching, guiding, protecting. They circle endlessly in the sky, dancing around their mother the Matriarch. The stars were watching when our people first awoke. They guided us home when we learned to sail upon the waters. They protected us when we first learned of the many dangers that lurk in the darkness of night, for we are the children of the stars.

The stars are always there, even when we cannot see them. The stars may be obscured by clouds; these are gifts sent from the Matriarch to water our crops. The stars may be hidden in the light of Solana; She is one of the Matriarch’s own daughters, sent to provide light and warmth to our world. The very earth beneath our feet was given to us by the Matriarch as a place to dwell. The night is also a gift: it is a time of rest; a time when the Matriarch reveals her beauty and wonders to our eyes.

The stars will always be there, even when we are no more. When the seas rise up and cover the land, the stars will still continue their graceful dance around the Matriarch. Even when this world itself is no more, the stars will still be there, watching. And they will remember us. For we are Man, the children of the stars.

—from a monologue given during the humans’ winter solstice festival
—Tom Wilby, halfling historian

Humans are tall seafarers from a large archipelago off the coast of the mainland. They originated on a large island on the far side of the archipelago. As they moved inward toward the mainland, they displaced the gnolls who were also native to the islands. The gnolls were forced to abandon the islands and move in to the mainland.

Humans gain power from the stars. They revere 10 constellations that circle the sky around the north star, which they call the Matriarch. Their calendar year is divided into 10 periods of even length, one for each constellation.

The constellations that empower the humans:

  • Owl – intelligence, knowledge
  • Ape – strength, physical presence
  • Cat – agility, speed
  • Tiger – sense of hearing
  • Wolf – sense of smell
  • Horse – vitality, endurance
  • Rat – spirit, empathy
  • Eagle – sense of sight
  • Fish – sense of taste
  • Serpent – sense of touch


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